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Where Could A Person Download A Website Traffic Monitor?

From there, you position your blog to help them through those challenges. You can blog about those challenges like downsizing or how to rekindle the spark in marriage or finding ways to save for your retirement. If you are a health blogger, you can blog to people that are just starting out eating healthy or exercising for the first time. Most of the top posts are geared towards starting a capsule wardrobe. I do this for my traffic building course on this blog, and this page is one of my top 10 posts on Twins Mommy. A lot of this traffic growth resulted in pivoting my blog niche to focus on one type of audience – mostly pregnant moms. I don’t see that result, and I would have to spend more time finding that type of content. You might be thinking, why would I want returning visitors to help me grow my blog traffic when new visitors can help me grow my email list and more? And if your email can drive clicks and views to your blog, why not use that? Why not use the information presented above to get more sites listed? The more directories and search engines that know about your website, the greater your chances increase of more traffic from web surfers.

One thing I found helpful to understand what good website traffic is, is to install the Google Analytics code on all of my web pages. There are many tools one might use to draw traffic to one’s website. I find the months when I write more blog posts, I increase website traffic easily. This ups the curiosity for other commenters and blog owner and it helps brand your website and make you more credible in your niche. And still others, like to create a brand new domain address to host their sales page. Maybe the first page is all list posts. You should always edit your published posts to include these assets for optimal SEO integration. The sole aim of SEO Services is to improve your search ranking. The different search browsers tend to be incredibly cagey about the way their ranking algorithms work. For Twins Mommy, I started out writing to other work at home moms.

I am a work at home mom with little ones, and that’s what I wrote about. But, if you’re a new blogger or mom blogger, how do you find the time to blog with a full-time job or little kids running around? But, it wasn’t until I started sharing my blog traffic reports that I attracted a whole new audience of mom bloggers trying to monetize their website. But, you could also say that since there are lists posts, you can just write about one tactic in-depth as a way to stand out. To receive a high ranking with a major search engine one must have a website that meets these requirements. With the use of right keywords related to your business in articles and blogs, you can get better ranking for your website on the search engines. They find it rather hard to get keep current customers and to get new customers.

Sometimes that can be harder to write than the article because you only have 3 lines and so many words to get your audience to do what you want them to do. This tells you users want small tips to help them with a big issue. I love sharing my tips and telling my subscribers what I’m doing on my website. A simple way to do this is to break down a huge step into easy to digest tips and frame it in either a list post or a how-to post. It provides tips, hacks, ideas, or strategies that are broken down and explained. So this provides more information. Search in Google to find the list of link exchange websites that provides information on webmasters who regularly swap links with one another. After spending over 14 years in marketing and advertising and meeting with hundreds of business owners, I know one thing is true today.

These advertising strategies are freely available and hence you can adopt all of them or just a few of them. Even though I’m a full-time blogger making six figures, I am still learning new tactics and strategies every day. So, if you are already making money with your blog, your audience is those that want to make money with their blog but don’t know how. 2. Make your site easy to navigate. The author profile will link to your site. The highest overall contributor receives a prominent link to their site on every page. What are the chances someone will randomly stumble upon your web site? Keyword research is also termed as the fundamental principle of web page optimization. One technique that I use often is by typing my keyword phrase in the Google search bar. Effective SEO tactics include creating external links, regular website updates and keyword saturation. I started creating blog posts just for pregnant moms and postpartum new moms, and my traffic exploded. So, when creating educational content – or any type of content – always look at what the user is seeking.

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