Why You Should Consider a Rent to Own Home

Typically, one needs to identify a home on sale, accept the offer and then agree on payment after only a few visits to the house in question. By this time, the title and the property have already changed hands. It also tends to be common for some people to buy in cash while others opt to buy the home in question mortgage. One would need to know that a rent to own home agreement tends to be longer and gives the potential buyer enough time to decide on whether to buy the home or not. Among the advantages of rent to own agreement, a prospective buyer tends to move to the house in question right away.

For one to transact a rent to own home, he or she would only need to pay for rent for an agreed amount of time. At the end of the time one ought to rent the home in question, one tends to make informed stand on whether to purchase the house in question or not. In many contracts, one would need to know that the moment one decides not to buy a house at the end of the contract, the buy option simply tends to expire. One would need to note that it tends to be easy to decide on whether to buy a home or rent to own home especially where one has lived in the home in question for quite some time. One would also need to note that the purchase price is either decided at the time the buyer and the seller are signing the rent to own home or at the end of the rent period considering the market value.

The contract involves rent which is mostly paid every month for some contracts having some percentage of rent payment applicable to the purchase price. One can for example have a fifth of the rent settle the purchase while the rest amount goes to rent. A buyer as a result tends to have easy time settling the full amount at the end of the contract.

A person with a bad credit score for example would also need to consider a rent to own home. It would also be essential for one to make sure that he or she takes time to read the rent to own home agreement prior to getting to the actual agreement. A potential rent to own home would need to make sure that he or she checks for the seller’s credit report prior to getting into the contract in question.

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