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This is considered an ultimate guide as she lays out the steps to start homeschooling and provide resources in her blog posts via interlinking or external linking. You might notice this blog post doesn’t cover the materials to start homeschooling or what a typical day would be when you homeschool. Another way to start guest posting is to guest post on less popular sites, but ones that are bigger (i.e., have more website traffic) than you. There are different ways to start a contributor blog, but I like when I give the guest access to the backend for the site to submit their post. If they fit your niche, then reach out to them and ask if they need a guest for their show about a particular topic. The podcast owner may also create a YouTube video of your show as well as a blog post. To be successful in any profession you have to be organized and the same applies here as well. I’ve already alluded to this type of content but, it’s important you understand that every blog that you want to eventually make money should have a few ultimate guides. Continue reading if you want to know how.

This anchors your blog, helps others know you’re the go-to in your niche and can establish trust quicker with a new audience. It humanizes you – your audience will gain a new level of trust if they hear you talk and listen to you! The eCPM will give us an estimate of the true value of the traffic. So, for example, “breastfeeding problems” gets around 1,000 searches a month – with the most traffic during the summer – and it’s easy to rank for. So, how long is considered long form content? Long form content gets shared more and gets linked to more than shorter pieces of blog posts. More and more bloggers are supplementing their blog content with a podcast. There are many “techniques” out there that promise you high rankings that might not be legitimate. Find ones with high impressions and low clicks. By plugging in your most popular post and seeing the CTR, average position, total clicks, and impressions, you will get a list of keywords and their impressions and clicks. I’m sure a virtual assistant can handle these tasks, but for now, I’m more than happy to do these tasks amongst my other to-do list items.

At the top of the list of free traffic generating methods is article marketing. Clear communication from both sides is really important to create a really robust content marketing plan. Since it takes Google 6 months to a year to index your site and remove you from Google sandbox, I focus on creating highly valuable content first. Long form content doesn’t mean it’s fluff or not valuable. These can be incorporated into your ultimate guide to making it better and more valuable. What’s great about creating this flag-ship type of ultimate guide is that it creates natural backlinks. Just type ‘free autoresponder’ in your search engine and you’ll get hundred of sites that provided free autoresponder. When going after indirect Google traffic, you are at the same time working on your offpage search engine optimization meaning securing inbound links. Ideally you want to get all your web pages with any content listed in all the search engine indexes you can. So, if you want to create a similar guide, you can peruse the top ranking posts in Google and come up with your own subtopics in this niche.

Both of these methods can get you ranking on Google and other search engines to help you get the audience you are looking for. Something like this blog post is a top tier post as I’m looking at blog traffic as a collective strategy, rather than focus on one main strategy. Getting website traffic is one of the most important part of our work, so this directory, hopefully will help. The good news is, once you are able to fix the 404, either by re-establishing the page at its original URL or by redirecting the 404 to its new URL, you will be able to reobtain those links. Free Traffic and Traffic Generation Sites Traffic generation sites can be good and bad. Being found in a good position on the search increases your product’s chances of being picked when the customer actually decides to make an actual purchase. Buzzsumo analyzed 100 million articles and found content between 3,000-10,000 words to be the most shared on social media.

Your increased website traffic will come from the resource box at the end of your articles. Moms are busy during the day which makes it more likely they will listen to a podcast while folding laundry than try to squeeze in uninterrupted time to read a blog post. Such is the craze of link popularity that links have got the status of commodity and are often traded over the Internet by link brokers. The cool thing with sources like banner advertising is that once you have paid for your ad to be put on a site, your work is done! So, for instance, they may offer reports that analyze only visitors that came from a particular referring site, or only visitors that arrived at your site through a particular advertising campaign, or only those visitors who made purchases. In the following years it moved on from using log files to using transparent images to track the visitors directly.

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